Damian Sanders-Baron

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Pants Monster Goes Hunting



join date

April 16, 2006


Kyle Adams


Mr. Wooden Alligator

The Torturer



Damian Sanders-Baron(Born July 20) is a famous YouTuber, known as makemebad35. He makes incredibly weird videos that are stupid. He has made 5 insanity videos, where he does insane stuff in double speed. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. His best friend and fellow YouTuber is Kyle Adams, who has a channel called twelthofadime.

Select Videography Edit

  • Pants Monster Goes Hunting (His first video)
  • Crazy Moment
  • Bad Boy
  • Self Anger
  • Monkey Boy
  • You're Nuts!!!
  • Mr. Wooden Alligator
  • My Pretty Genie (collab with VenetianPrincess)
  • The Homosexual Ghost
  • Insanity!!!!
  • Make ME Bad!!!
  • The Screamer
  • How to stalk a girl
  • Shocking Behaviours 
  • Draw my life

The Torturer Edit

The Torturer is an old character featured in some of Damian's videos. He is portrayed by Damian. He wears a pink beanie with flowers on it, a pink bathrobe and he carries around a big inflatable hammer. He finds different ways to "torture" people. He once stole a movie from BlockBuster. No recent Torturer videos have been uploaded yet.

Subscribers Edit

As of May 23, 2010 Damian's makemebad35 channel has over 650,000 subscribers, making him number 21 most subscribed of all time. He is number 6 most subscribed all time among directors. Since joining YouTube in April 2006, the makemebad35 channel has over 168 million views. As Of Now he Has More Than 1,000,000 Subscribers

More recently, he has introduced a secondary channel using the screen name Damian. This channel chronicles some of the real life experiences of Damian and his friends at college. This channel also contains out-takes and bloopers from makemebad35 videos. As of May 23, 2010, his secondary channel has over 55,000 subscribers, with total upload views approaching 1 million.

The Departure of Kyle and Beginning of Pwnageshow Edit

Damian's roommate, friend, and YouTube co-star, Kyle Adams graduated from college on May 21th, 2010. Videos posted on both makemebad35 and Damian's secondary channel have sent shockwaves of grief and anguish throughout the YouTube community. Damian still has one more semester of college and now faces the horrific reality of living with two "random" roommates this fall. Damian has assured the world that Kyle will still appear in future videos. After Damians graduation, Damian and Kyle started a Youtube channel together called "Pwnageshow" which is Damian and Kyle playing random video games to keep in touch, this channel now has a total of 190,832 subscribers and 19,140,242 views.